1 Hour: £250
2 Hours: £350
3 Hours: £550
4 Hour: £700
5 Hours: £800
Overnight: £1500
1 Hour: £350
2 Hours: £450
3 Hours: £650
4 Hour: £800
5 Hours: £900
Overnight: £1600

About Model

“I know that a lot of girls will pay lip service to being bisexual,” Barbara admits. “I think that’s kind of a ploy sometimes. Women know that every man has this fantasy of seeing two beautiful women together, and the reality isn’t always up to the fantasy. But I am a sexy, gorgeous girl who loves to be with men, and I also recognize the beauty of a soft, sensuous woman. I don’t see how any woman couldn’t. I mean, we’re all pretty catty, when you come down it, us girls. We like to judge each other, and we evaluate each other, so when we see another woman who is very attractive, it isn’t uncommon for us to be jealous. Well, to be jealous like that requires that you recognize just how beautiful a woman is, and if you can see beauty, you can desire it. When I see a beautiful woman, my first thought isn’t how to be competitive with her. It’s to wonder how I might be able to talk that sexy girl into bed with me. And if we just happen to bring along some lucky guy for the fun, then so much the better.”

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