1 Hour: £200
2 Hours: £350
3 Hours: £550
4 Hour: £700
5 Hours: £800
Overnight: £1500
1 Hour: £300
2 Hours: £450
3 Hours: £650
4 Hour: £800
5 Hours: £1600
Overnight: £2100

About Model

Christina admits that one of the things she likes to do with her dates is enjoy being poolside. “Lounging half-naked in the sun and by the cool water,” she says, “is one of the most decadent pastimes there is. It’s all about your body, and about your body being seen. You’re there in the sun, baking, for anyone to look at you. You’re hot in both the physical sense and in terms of your appearance. And at any moment you could go for a dip in that sparkling blue water, and get yourself all wet. Now you’re warm and wet and so very sexy. I’ve always thought that girls with wet hair were particularly a turn on. I know some men who feel that way, too. But the more time you spend by the pool relaxing, or at the beach if you have access to a beach, the better off you are. People deserve to relax in the sun. I can’t think of anything I’d rather than do than lounge by the pool at some tropical resort with a drink in my hand that has lots of umbrellas in it. Can you? Is there anything better at all?”

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