1 Hour: £250
2 Hours: £350
3 Hours: £550
4 Hour: £700
5 Hours: £800
Overnight: £1500
1 Hour: £350
2 Hours: £450
3 Hours: £650
4 Hour: £800
5 Hours: £900
Overnight: £1600

About Model

“I think we act, in our society, like being sexually aggressive is a bad thing for women,” she says. “I have never seen it that way. A woman needs to be able to take what she needs, and there’s no reason she shouldn’t be just as aggressive about saying what she wants as a man should be. We’re a lot more tolerant of sexually aggressive men because we think that’s how men should operate, you know, be strong and like warriors. And that’s great. That’s what I like in a man. But a woman should never feel like she’s got to deny herself or her feelings. She should be able to just tell the world that this is what she wants, and she should be honest about her needs. When I’m out with a friend or I’m out with a client, I bring that honesty to the table. I tell the men I date and the men I meet just what I want. I let them know very exactly that I am interested in, and what I want to make me happy, and the more honest I am with them, the better they can meet my needs. When you think about it, this honesty is in everyone’s best interest, because it helps everybody involved get just what they want. This is a great thing. This is a gift. When you can give someone what they want, you are fulfilling their desires and their fantasies and you’re living the dream that we all have, a dream we have of fulfillment and fun and sexual excitement. I think that’s a special thing. We should always treat it with respect and take it seriously.”

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