1 Hour: £350
2 Hours: £600
3 Hours: £800
4 Hour: £1000
5 Hours: £1200
Overnight: £2000
1 Hour: £450
2 Hours: £700
3 Hours: £900
4 Hour: £1100
5 Hours: £1300
Overnight: £2100

About Model

“I specialize in fulfilling fantasies,” Lana admits, “because I think there is no higher calling for a woman than to fulfill a man’s fantasy’s. Or a woman’s. It isn’t about the fact that she’s a woman and he’s a man. It’s that every woman, if she is sexy and beautiful, is obviously going to have the power to fulfill somebody’s fantasies. That’s the power that all beautiful, sexy people have, after all. When you look good, when you’ve got big, round breasts, a firm ass, a gorgeous, taut stomach, men and women both, depending on who they are, will be looking at you and thinking certain things. Men will be undressing you with their eyes. Women will be thinking about forbidden kisses with their lips pressed against yours… or against other parts of your luscious body. You’re a walking, talking dream when you look sexy. People see you and have sexual thoughts. They want to be with you. They want to think about what it’s like to be with you. Now, if you had the power to fulfill someone’s dreams, wouldn’t it be wrong not to do it?”

Lana goes on, “I walk through life every day knowing that some of the people I meet are fantasizing about me. And every once in a while, I thank the universe, the universe that granted me a body like this, a chest like this, and a rear end like this, by finding someone I can be with. I’ll pick a man out of a club, out of a bar, somebody I meet on the street or in a store, and if he seems interested, I’ll give him a little wiggle, let him know I’m interested. I want to see that look in his eyes, that desire, that look that says, ‘I’m fantasizing about this girl.’ Then I’ll take him home with me and we’ll get to know each other. When he’s ready to open up to me, when he’s ready to tell me his fantasies, I’ll tell him he can have everything his little heart desires. Then I give him his wish. You have never seen a man happier or more confident than the morning after he’s lived out his longest held fantasies with a beautiful woman he’s only just met.”

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