1 Hour: £400
2 Hours: £700
3 Hours: £1000
4 Hour: £1200
5 Hours: £1500
Overnight: £2500
1 Hour: £500
2 Hours: £800
3 Hours: £1100
4 Hour: £1300
5 Hours: £1600
Overnight: £2600

About Model

“I’m not going to lie,” Namoi admits of her bisexuality. “I think about women a lot. I mean, don’t get me wrong. I love men and I love being with men. How could you not? There is so much about men that is sexy and wonderful. I love to open a man’s shirt and run my hands across his chest. I like to feel him holding me and pulling me into him. I love the feeling of him running his fingers through my hair while we kiss, maybe even pulling my head back a little, showing me who’s in charge. There’s nothing about any of that I would change. Men are so very sexy. But I’m really bisexual, and that means I find women sexy too.”

There is a lot to find appealing about the fairer sex, as it turns out, at least as explained to us by Naomi. “Women are just so overwhelmingly wonderful,” she insists. “Those eyes. That skin. Those luscious lips. Those incredible curves. Not only do I like to put my hands on a woman and experience her, but I love the way a woman touches me. It’s softer than the way a man touches me. More familiar. I think a woman can do things for a man that a man can’t, and a man can definitely do things for a woman that a woman can’t. Being bisexual just means having the best of both possible worlds. And on those occasions when I get to have a threesome with both a man and a woman…? Why, those are the most incredible times there are, period, because I get everything I like all at one time. There’s something so fulfilling about that.”

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