1 Hour: £500
2 Hours: £900
3 Hours: £1200
4 Hour: £1500
5 Hours: £1800
Overnight: £3000
1 Hour: £600
2 Hours: £1000
3 Hours: £1300
4 Hour: £1600
5 Hours: £1900
Overnight: £3100

About Model

“I think people have certain expectations of redheads,” says Pamela, smiling mischievously as she locks eyes with her interviewer. “We’re a little bit more rare than the average girl. We’re fiery. Red hair is associated with adventure, with passion, and with spirit. These are all great qualities in a girl but also very desirable qualities in a lover. Think about what you want when you’re with a girl. You don’t want her to be bored, or not to care. You want her to be full of spirit and passion. You want to know that someone with a strong spirit is with you, because that makes you special in turn. So a man loves a vivacious redhead. I should know. I happen to be one. And I get a lot of mileage out of being a redhead.”

Pamela’s love of nightclubs has gotten her into trouble before, she says. “I love to haunt the clubs,” she admits, “and you get a reputation for being a certain kind of girl when you do that. Nightclubs are the places where sexy goes to pool up and intensify. I like to look at those photo galleries of the weird and sexy and crazy things that happen in Russian nightclubs. If I wasn’t so happy in Las Vegas I might go there. I love to see people being weird and wild and half naked. The half naked part is the most fun. I just love the fact that when you’re in a nightclub, all the normal rules come off. People expect a girl to be half naked in a club. They encourage it. And then when you dance you can just let yourself go wild. I love the feeling of dancing with my shirt off, dancing in just my underwear, feeling the sweat pour down my body, getting close to the people I’m dancing with. That type of sexual heat is electric.”

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