1 Hour: £250
2 Hours: £350
3 Hours: £550
4 Hour: £700
5 Hours: £800
Overnight: £1500
1 Hour: £350
2 Hours: £450
3 Hours: £650
4 Hour: £800
5 Hours: £900
Overnight: £1600

About Model

“From a very young age, I knew that when I walked down the street, men’s eyes would follow me,” she says. “And I was a teenage girl when I realized that the shorter my skirt, or the tighter my shorts, the more men would want to stop what they were doing and stare at me. There is this whole thing going on right now where women act like it’s the most horrible insult in the world to be approached by men on the street, or complimented by them, or even hit on by them. And sure, if some guy is making filthy jokes or saying rude things, that’s not something a girl likes. But if he’s just telling you how sexy he thinks you are, if you’re so good looking he’s just kind of overwhelmed and he needs to say something, how is that bad? How could that ever be an insult? You, as a sexy lady, have the power to make him stop thinking about whatever else he was doing. For a few moments, he is entirely focused on you, and he’s thinking about nothing else except how very much he would want to be with you and what he would give up to get it. Women don’t realize it, but that’s true power. We hold a magical power over men. We can shut off their brains with our bodies. We are the thing they want most. There isn’t a single straight man who wouldn’t trade almost anything for a steady supply of beautiful women who wanted to be with him. That’s just the nature of men, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

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