1 Hour: £150
2 Hours: £300
3 Hours: £450
4 Hour: £600
5 Hours: £700
Overnight: £1000
1 Hour: £250
2 Hours: £400
3 Hours: £550
4 Hour: £700
5 Hours: £800
Overnight: £1100

About Model

“I like to say I live my life without fear,” Sarah explains. “If you really stop and look back on your life, think about everything that you do, or rather, everything that you didn’t do, that was stopped by fear. You worry about something, so you don’t try. You think about the risk behind an activity, and you don’t risk it because you don’t want to lose something dear to you. Maybe you don’t do a new sport because you don’t know if you can do it or you’re worried about getting hurt. Maybe you don’t walk up to that pretty girl in the bar and talk to her because you’re afraid of rejection. Maybe you don’t ask your boss for a raise because you’re worried he’ll say no. Well, when it comes to living my life, I refuse to let fear stop me. I will try absolutely anything. I love excitement and I love to do things that push me to accept and conquer new challenges. And I especially love anything that gives me a thrill, like a joy ride or speed or adrenaline, while I’m also trying new things and trying to meet new goals. Your life is a wonderful gift from your maker, and every day, you should be out there grabbing what you want. Whether that’s finally calling us and booking a gorgeous escort for the date you’ve always dreamed about, or that’s doing something else that you have always dreamed of doing, you absolutely should stop waiting. If you wait, you just waste time. You could die tomorrow and you’d never know what you missed. You’d never have another chance. Seize the day. It was good advice in that old movie and it’s good advice now.”

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