1 Hour: £350
2 Hours: £600
3 Hours: £800
4 Hour: £1000
5 Hours: £1200
Overnight: £2000
1 Hour: £450
2 Hours: £700
3 Hours: £900
4 Hour: £1100
5 Hours: £1300
Overnight: £2100

About Model

Zina’s taste in men varies, but she has some ideas about what she likes. “I like a man who takes charge,” she says. “I like a man who knows how to get what he wants. But I also do not treat poorly a man who is perhaps more hesitant. We know men like this, all of us. They have been treated poorly all their lives and so perhaps they are not as confident as other men. It would not be fair to judge them badly for this. What I like to do is give a man confidence. If the man I am with, the man who is taking me on a date, is not as confident as he should be, I give him reasons to feel better. I make him know that I am there for him, and that I will help him to get the most out of our night. I want him to be happy, to be with me, a sexy and beautiful woman. I want him to be seen out with me so that all who see us together will know, here is a stud of a man. I have done this many times, and each time, it brings a smile to my lips. To see the look of joy on the face of a man who is rediscovering his confidence is very much something I like to do. You could say I am addicted to this feeling.”

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